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Injaz National General Enterprises L.L.C is part of the Saber Investments Group of Companies. The company was set up to further enhance the portfolio of turnkey innovative solutions for the clients sector. Within the company; divisions have been structured to deliver core competencies in roads, traffic intelligence, airports and infrastructure.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage the combined expertise and experience of our companies and technology partner network to deliver solutions that are truly innovative, sustainable, performance-based and targeted to the overall growth, security and road safety in the GCC region.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the industries we serve with innovative solutions that are disruptive and competitively positioned without compromising on our engineering excellence, quality superiority or customer focus.

Featured Projects

  • Maher Shafik Nasser
    Maher Shafik Nasser Chairman, SABER Investment Company L.L.C

    SABER Investment Company L.L.C takes pride in being a company whose overall vision is to lead the industry we serve with solutions that are disruptive and competitively positioned without compromising on our engineering excellence, quality superiority and customer focus. We continue to expand our capabilities and existing potential by combining the strengths and core competencies of all our divisions to deliver to the client a solution proposal that includes design, execution and maintenance of the solution; we believe that the added value to the end user includes giving the end user the product, service and support so that over the years performance is guaranteed without any hassle or reliance on third-parties. We are able to manage and maintain the full customer life cycle.


Airports & Airfields Solutions

As an expansion to the years of experience gained in contracting and maintenance services with ADAC, the Airports Division has been designed to expand its airports/airfields solutions portfolio so key customers in the airport/airfield sector can benefit in the overall value of engineering discipline, product superiority and service quality offered by a single locally based division.


Infrastructure Solutions

Our Infrastructure solutions are not just limited to roads; our buildings division has taken on the project for the design, build and completion of the Wahat Hili Mall and its joined Rotana Hotel.
The combined expertise and experience of our roads/buildings division allows the group to deliver turnkey infrastructure solutions that are geared towards integrated applications for building automation, smart parking, security surveillance and traffic management.
The success of our deployment is based on our history of working closely with the client ensuring that the service is customized and design to meet their overall local market requirements.


Intelligent Traffic Solutions(ITS)

ITS provides intelligent traffic solutions by working collaboratively with the Client, the Consultant and the Technology Partner. The division takes pride in its history of being a ‘first-to-market’ mover with the most innovative and superior in technology applications for the region.
Working closely with both ITS America and the IRF, and having extensive discussions with the international industry experts on roads and infrastructure, we know that a successful ITS implementation requires the buy-in and participation of all the stakeholders. Our goal and objective is to sell the best durable performing solution for the region; working hands-on with the technology vendor to ensure that the solution is developed to meet the local environmental climatic requirements of the region. The expanded logistics base of the ITS division allows us to be more proactive in performing tests and analysis locally before deploying the solution to the market.
With over 37 years of experience, locally based in the UAE and having the capability to both manufacture and integrate with the full potential and capability of the Saber Investments Group of Companies; ITS is driven with the commitment and dedication to make ITS work in the UAE and other GCC region.


Signage & Safety Solutions

Safety on the road has always been our top priority and we continue to provide various safety solutions such as Safety Signs, Crash Cushions, Roadside Medians, Guard Rails, Safety Barriers and Vehicle Restraint Systems.
As dedicated and active members of the IRF, we are committed to the need to make the highways more forgiving by installing systems and solutions that save lives. We continue to work closely with the most recognized certification institutes around the world. With our existing strong partnerships with the two of the most reputable manufacturing companies in the US/Europe in the areas of vehicle restraint systems and solutions, we are able to work collaboratively to develop the systems that are best suited and implemented for the UAE.
We are also here to educate and empower the end user with what we know; we want the end user to make the decision confidently and knowingly. Saving lives is all about installing the right system so that when an accident does happen at that juncture or intersection; the system chosen avoids a fatality from happening.

  • Airports & Airfields Solutions

  • Infrastructure Solutions

  • Intelligent Traffic Solutions(ITS)

  • Signage & Safety Solutions

  • Transport Solutions

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